Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hope you all send me extra fabric! :)

So, this was the 1st time I ever quilted. First I cut all the pieces to make this block
And then I realized the block was too big and I couldn't figure out how to rescale it. So I made this pattern insteadIt took me a couple times of adding an extra row here and there but it's finally bigger than 12x12It's actually not even on the sides (it zig-zags) and is longer than 12 1/4 inches but I figure you can cut it down Jacki (and I don't trust myself right now)

It's been fun and I've learned a lot so hopefully the next one goes much better!

Christine Salloom


Anonymous said...

:) Christine! You did it!
It looks great-much more complex than my first ever block! Congrats!

JackiLewis said...

I agree with Patty- my first blocks were just nine little squares sewed together. This is a GREAT first block! I love it!