Sunday, May 31, 2009


I didn't plan on giving this the border, but as usual, I measured wrong by about an inch. Ugh!
Anyway, this is known as a string block. It's one of my favorite kind of blocks to do.
Enjoy, Christina!

I'm mailing you all fabric tomorrow. Sorry for the delay-my cat ran away and I forgot to go to the Post Office.


Heather said...

this looks fun =) but i still don't understand the backing part of the technique. love it! umm...what the heck happened to everyone on here??

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what happened, seems like no one likes the blog much anymore...

Boupie said...

I know I have been bad (I am not even blogging on my blog) but I will come back. I love the block. I can't even imagine how you did it. What am I supposed to do with the paper? Will it just dissolve out? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Christina, the paper will dissolve once you wash the quilt. If it gets in the way while you assembling, you can sponge the back and it will pull off. I didn't want to mess with it too much in case you needed to tweak it. In the future I will use a muslim backing instead of paper.