Monday, October 5, 2009

October fabric ...

Hey girls!

SO sorry it's late, I promise to get the fabric in the mail tomorrow. It's going to be a red & black combo.

I got the list of addresses from Sam (thanks Sam!) and was just kind of checking who has/hasn't sent blocks back. I think I'm only going to send to those who are posting here still (hope that's not too rude of me).

My list consists of:

If I missed someone, please let me know - I haven't kept up on this very well. If any of you want to do a second block, that'd be awesome, otherwise, I'll do the extra ones. If you do NOT want to do a block, just let me know - you can email me at jess.tyler2 at gmail dot com




kenpen said...

I'd be glad to do a second block.

Anonymous said...

I will do a second block as well.
And I don't think it's rude, I think it's smart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patty! I sent out fabric last week but let me know if you need more, I'd be happy to send it to you!

Anonymous said...

I added some plain white and got 2 full blocks. I'll be sending them this week!