Friday, November 6, 2009

All Finished.

I sent out blocks to Jess and Samantha today. Since that means I have finished blocks for everyone who has sent me fabric, I guess I am finished with this bee.

I would like to say that I am incredibly disappointed in how this turned out and I think all of you who still owe people blocks are just irresponsible. I am still missing my fabric back from Domnique, Christine, Christina, Jacki, and Helene. It really sucks that the person who even organized this couldn't keep her commitment.

At this point I am not expecting any more fabric to show up at my door, but I do consider anyone who kept my fabric and did not return it to be thieves. Basically, you have stolen my fabric. If there had been ANY communication about the delays, explanations or something, it would be a different story. But I have not heard anything from you five and that's just RUDE.

If you think this post is out of line, I don't care. I had to save for months to be able to afford fabric and I sent it out to you all with trust that I would get it back because after all, NESTIES would not screw over other nesties right? I didn't even want to join this bee but Jacki practically begged me to in a PM and now look--Jacki is MIA also.

I do want to thank the few of you who kept your commitments. Hopefully I can just make a smaller quilt. I'll post it on Flickr when I'm done. If you're also on flickr, my name is PisforPatty and I'd love to see your work.




Anonymous said...

I wish this would have worked a little smoother too .. I'm sorry Patty!

I got the two blocks you did in the mail today - they are beautiful! Thank you!

3sheeps2thewind said...

Patty do you want me to send you back what I have left of your fabric? I don't have that much but it may help you. I have 5 blocks missing as well and am sending out my October block tomorrow. I am still hoping to get the last 5 blocks someday as the ones I have gotten so far are awesome (I got yours yesterday Patty)

Anonymous said...

Sam, thank you but that's alright. The scraps are probably not even worth the shipping. I am just so disappointed, but am so very grateful for you and the others that participated as promised!