Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hello from Colorado Springs! I am a stay at home mom to my smart and beautiful 2 year old daughter and wife to the cutest soldier in Iraq! I love hanging out with my daughter, sewing, cooking, and cleaning...among other things. When I'm sewing is probably the only time I am sitting down. And we have 3 crazy dogs.

My husband taught me to use a sewing machine about one year ago, and I have been doing it almost daily since then. I sell military bags, so that is what I have spent a majority of my sewing time doing. I have made several baby and lap quilts, but nothing to large or elaborate. I love working with bright colors and prefer modern over traditional designs. I have a short attention span with projects, so I tend to be drawn toward simple things. I am currently working on a scrappy log cabin quilt, but I just do a couple blocks per week.


NestQuilt said...

I love that your husband taught you to sew ;)
When I was trying to learn to knit, my husband picked it up before & did and taught me & I have always thought that was pretty charming.


Anonymous said...

That is too cute about your husband teaching you! I saw a military sewing machine once and was in awe, do you know how to use those? They're huge!