Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been working on several quilt projects today. Usually I cut fabric sitting on the floor in front of the TV. Tonight my 'helpers' joined in. Thought yall might enjoy! I bought my fabric today to mail out next month! Yay!



JackiLewis said...

Is this the fabric that you're sending out, or is this a different project? Either way, I love it ;)

kenpen said...

This is for a quilt for my cat. (Seriously! She loves sitting on quilts!) It says meow and has little fish and yarn balls on it. It's very cute. I posted a pic of this fabric closer up and one of the fabrics I'm sending out on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Hehe! I love it. I love your dogs, and I love that you make quilts for your cats. My very first quilt was for my cat.

3sheeps2thewind said...

I love bassett hounds that is adorable. We had one when I was younger.

My cat loves to hold the fabric down for me when I am working. I even have a picture of him on a chair playing with the sewing machine. So it looks like he is sewing. Heehee!