Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hey girls!

Just a quick introduction for me ... My name is Jess and I live in Wisconsin. I learned to quilt a few years ago from my mom and haven't done much recently. I think the last project I worked on was a baby quilt for my best friend and her daughter is now 3! I've done a lot of paper-piecing and have done a few yellow-brick-road patterns. 

As for the rest of my life: My hubby and I got married Feb. 29, 2008 in Las Vegas. We have two black cats that we adopted from the humane society last June. They are totally spoiled and, since we aren't planning on having kids, are our babies. Currently, I work as a copy editor for a newspaper, but I"m waiting to hear back on a job I had an interview for last week. (keep your fingers crossed for me!) 

Guess that's it ... I also keep a food (mostly) blog:

Can't wait to get started! 

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Anonymous said...

Great to have you aboard!! I look forward to all you have to offer!