Friday, October 10, 2008

What I'm Working On

(This is the back.  The pink in it is the same pink that is on the top)

Just finished the top & back yesterday.  I'm pretty happy with it, overall.  Deciding what to do with the back was hard for me, but I think it turned out decent. This is for a friend's birthday & I need to have it mailed out by Monday for it to make it to her. Ah!  So this weekend will be spent at the sewing machine.

I also finished my project for the October/ Fall Swap & will mail that out at the same time... I'm in love with it and want to keep it, but I guess I'll send it out ;)

Last night, when I was at the fabric store getting backing fabric, I'm pretty sure I found the material I'm going to send out for the swap.  There's a Columbus Day sale at Joann's this weekend, so I'm going to go back and get it.  So exciting!!



NestQuilt said...
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NestQuilt said...

I love it, I really like the colors. Have fun at the sale too! I heading there over the's sad but I love Jo Annes sales!

The new layout looks fantastic as well


Anonymous said...

very cool! Is that a yellow brick road pattern?

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Be sure to post what everyone did for the fall swap!

JackiLewis said...

Jess- Thanks! Actually it is just a disappearing 9 block. It is a simple, pretty quick pattern.

That's where I learned about it- much easier to do than it looks as a finished product.

Anonymous said...

thanks jacki! I"m gonna have to try that some day .